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“Making your Business Dreams a Reality”

We leverage on digital technology to deliver your work promptly irrespective of your business location!

We work with start-ups, entrepreneurs and micro business from ideation stage to growth stage until they are up and running.

Business Purpose.

Our aim is to create a one stop solutions for start-ups and smes in Nigeria .Based on research, Nigerians has 40 million SMEs cutting across various industries ranging from agriculture, commerce, ICT etc. They all have huge potential for wealth creation and job creation but because they lack the skill to properly structure and grow their business, they remain small all year round, but with our consulting services and expert guidance as regards their business analysis, structuring financial management, branding and business promotion,it will help them to grow .The ripple effect is increase in revenue ,job creation and value creation.

Problem we are solving

Our service solves the problem of SMEs who lack the needed know-how to build structure around their businesses, scale up, grow and efficiently manage their business. Poor business structure leads to inefficiency which results to low productivity in terms of output and revenue. We provide expertise and competence to SME sector. The SME sector is the bedrock of African economies thus by strengthening and supporting these SMES through our solutions ,it will lead to value creation, job creation, more revenue and profits and general development of SME sector in Nigeria.

MARKET SIZE: Based on secondary market data from the National bureau of statistics (NBS) June 2018, Nigeria has over 40,000,000 Small and medium enterprises .All these are potential customers, so our goal is to capture at least 20% of the market per annum


To be a one stop shop where SMEs in Nigeria can have access to key resources they need for business growth, expansion and impact.


To provide professional, excellent and convenient business solutions to our valued customers at an affordable rate.